Lets put intergenerational dialogue on the table

Presenting Cercle

The biggest waste of all: talent.

We are Cercle, a startup that aims to avoid wasting senior talent at retirement, while empowering junior talent by creating an inspiring ecosystem.

Imagine, young university students and retired professionals from different sectors, sharing a space for conversation and enrichment, where both generations contribute to each other.

What is the goal?

Cercle aims to avoid the waste of junior and senior talent at the beginning and end of their professional careers, as well as the lack of connecting spaces between the two generations.

In this line, to create a link of enriching experiences together with experienced professionals., the aim is to gain a much broader perspective and to create connections for the professional world. And on the other hand, to give the opportunity for Seniors to value and share with young people all the knowledge and experience acquired throughout their lives. Not only that, but algo, allowing them to to continue learning and developing in a bi-directional way.

We want society to become a place that is committed to young talent; a place that trusts in the future professionals of this country. And we want them to develop hand in hand with senior professionals, because they continue to be a fundamental part of our society.

Cercle aims to create an experience that transcends to start an inclusive social dialogue. We want to achieve a real interrelation between Seniors and young people in our society.

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